Peggie shares her story.


Resident of Southwoods Village

What attracted you to the Southwoods neighbourhood?

Well, we lived in Kennilworth and it’s close to Hazeldean, maybe five minutes by car. We used to shop at the bakery and go to the restaurant; it was a familiar area.

We looked at a number of places but we wanted to stay as close to Kennilworth as possible, my daughter and son-in-law are there. We heard about this place in 2014 and my son-in-law brought me to find out about it; my husband, Ben, did not want to move. But I knew the time was coming that we would not be able to manage a three level house, with the washing machine in the basement and bedrooms upstairs.

Moving here was the best decision we ever made; everything on one level. We live on the first floor, with a patio.

Now that we’re here, my husband’s happy to be here. We’re not too far from our kids.

What attracted you to the Southwoods building? What made it feel like home?

Everything. They let you bring your pet. I said if I can’t bring my cats I’m not going to come! I’m not taking them back to the SPCA. I’ve always had pets. My husband is not a cat person but he’s certainly turned into one! How could you not after 54 years of marriage?

We’re all getting older, it’s a hassle for people to visit. But here—everybody’s already here. Ben doesn’t mind me running down and chatting with people.

We moved to Edmonton in 2000. It was very difficult because I left everything, my whole childhood, my working years—it was tough to leave all the people we knew. We moved because our kids were here.

People that come late to a city don’t make friends as easily as people who have lived here all their lives. Living here we’re part of a group, we meet other people in the same boat. None of us remember each others’ names, and that’s fine! [laughs] If I meet three people at once you can rest assured I’m going to mess up all the names, for sure.

How do you get around and where do you shop?

I drive the car to get groceries, go to the dentist, doctor, bank, shop.

Do you walk much?

I do, I just walked over past the school and the shopping centre, because I wanted to know what was there. I see Ritchie has a little shopping mall, and I’ll walk over and see what’s there. When I shop I go to Bonnie Doon because that’s where I’ve always shopped. It’s not farther from here than from where I lived before.

There are lots of different people living nearby in the community here, families, kids, etc, how do you feel about that?

I think it’s great. The worst thing you can do is segregate old people with old people. I watch bunnies, cats, people walking their dogs, kids going to school.

Do you receive home care or other support?

We’re independent. At some point we’ll need help, but right now we manage. There’s no question we moved in because we might need a little help. Right now we don’t need any but we might.

I’ve known my husband since I was 14. The circle of life gets completed with or without your permission—another reason we like it here is if something happens to one of us, the other one can stay.

And at some point if someone else does the cooking that suits me just fine.

Have you lived in an apartment before? How do you like it?

I never really thought about it.

I like my place, it suits me fine. It’s home. The best part is that there aren’t any rugs, I don’t want any rugs, I have cats! I’ve been there and done that. You spend your whole life vacuuming up half a cat a day. I love not having any rug.