Alberta Community Builders

Building communities that foster health and wellness throughout our lifetime.

Building a Movement

Alberta Community Builders is a movement toward complete communities. New and mature districts that want to add a wide range of lifestyles, including aging in place, with walkable active transportation, integrated wellness and community based care. In densified, mixed use nodes, creating exciting, sustainable, new urban village concepts.

Building Complete Communities

What is a complete community?

At its simplest, a complete community is somewhere people can live, work, and relax throughout their lifetime, without having to get in a car and drive somewhere else.

A complete community is supported by four principles:

  1. A wide range of inter-generational housing lifestyles, including seniors and affordable family friendly housing for valuable service workers
  2. Active transportation choices including walkability
  3. Integrating wellness & community models of care
  4. Mixed-use nodes anchored by grocery, pharmacy, coffee & locally owned shops, and professional services, combined with social and recreational amenities
Complete Communities
Case Studies

Urban Villages

Complete communities are more than just a concept, they are increasingly becoming a reality in Alberta as people become aware of the benefits of living in a community that focuses on holistic wellness.

Find out more about some of the innovative complete communities in our province.

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