Alberta Community Builders

Building communities that foster health and wellness throughout our lifetime.

Building a Movement

Alberta Community Builders is a movement toward complete communities with a range of housing options, transportation choices, integrated wellness principles, and mixed-use nodes. Alberta Community Builders advocates, shares information, and supports research and events that build momentum toward complete communities within Alberta municipalities.

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Building Complete Communities

What is a complete community?

At its simplest, a complete community is somewhere people can live, work, and relax throughout their lifetime, without having to get in a car and drive somewhere else.

A complete community is supported by four principles:

  • Range of housing options
  • Transportation choices
  • Integrated wellness principles
  • Mixed-use nodes
Complete Communities
Case Studies

Case Studies

Complete communities are more than just a concept, they are increasingly becoming a reality in Alberta as people become aware of the benefits of living in a community that focuses on holistic wellness.

Find out more about some of the innovative complete communities in our province.

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