As a movement we advocate, educate and collaborate in support of complete communities.

About Our Movement

Alberta Community Builders was first created in 2011 to support the concept of aging in place and a residential model for seniors care. Since that time the movement has broadened to encompass the principles of a complete community—a community that supports an integrated, healthy lifestyle not just for seniors but for all Albertans.

Health Care

Complete communities that facilitate integrated care make sense for all of us. Health care providers can live nearby. Families and caregivers can stay connected. Seniors don’t have to move. The provincial bottom line: less money is spent on acute care.

Age in Place

Complete communities with integrated care allow spouses to stay together as they age. Spouses can receive differing levels of care as they grow older, while living in the same place.

Memory Care

Complete communities with integrated care can foster better mental health. Relationships and community connections can be maintained as people’s abilities change over time. People facing memory loss can receive care without having to be uprooted from familiar surroundings.

What We Stand For

We envision communities where grandparents and grandchildren can live close to one another and both thrive. Where giving and receiving care isn’t a burden for families, because support is woven right into the fabric of the community. A place where people can both grow up and grow old. We envision complete communities for all Albertans.

Building Together

Interested in tackling an initiative together? We'd love to hear from you.

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