Madlin & Percy share their story.

Madlin & Percy

Residents of Southwoods Village

What attracted you to the Southwoods neighbourhood?

Madlin: I had been interested in moving from our home of 61 years…we lived in Avonmore, and Hazeldean is very close to all the areas we were used to, and particularly close to the church and seniors centre where I go a lot. I wanted to downsize from the work of having a big home and yard. This home is new, and in an area where Percy and I are very comfortable.

We had five kids in our house. When our son started grade one there were 161 kids in Avonmore school. It was a brand new community, everyone was young. The City was just putting in the infrastructure—we had to put on rubber boots and go out and carry our kids through the mud to get groceries!

Percy: It was a good area to live.

Was it a challenge to leave your home after so long?

Madlin: We had quite a few emotions, especially Percy. He worked hard on the house, keeping it up, and it was hard for him to think of leaving. When I was young I was really gung ho, I loved flower beds and I dug as many as I could; when I got older I couldn’t keep up.

What attracted you to the Southwoods building?

Madlin: First of all, we knew about the developer, and we knew the area. The building has conveniences, the flooring is very good for us—smooth, easy to keep clean.

I love the freedom this place gives you. A woman still has her housework, washing, ironing, but still there’s a lot of freedom . . . you walk out the door and you don’t have to worry about weeds or snow or anything.

I gave Percy an ultimatum: “I’m going, and you can do what you like!” Percy decided to come along.

Percy: Yep, she’s a good cook! [laughs] She’s the social butterfly. I go where she goes.

I’m looking for peace and quiet. I’m looking for nice twilight years. I’ve been there and done it; I was a very active person in my job until I retired, and I don’t have any aspirations to set the world on fire anymore.

How do you get around and where do you shop?

Madlin: We shop mostly at Bonnie Doon, at the store on 90th Avenue . . . We haven’t lived here long yet, but I hope to use the facilities here at Hazeldean, I think we should.

Why is that?

Madlin: Well, we’re living in this community now. I was raised on a farm. We supported our local town, Crossfield, whereas many people just enjoyed the programs and facilities in the town but did their shopping in Calgary. That’s hard on the merchants and the community. I’ve always liked to support my community and that’s what I like to do here.

I walk to the strip mall in Hazeldean, drive to Bonnie Doon. And Mill Creek is not far from here. That’s another attraction, to go to Mill Creek for a walk.

There are lots of different people living nearby in the community here, families, kids, etc, how do you feel about that?

Madlin: I think it’s wonderful. In Avonmore for a long time there weren’t any young people, children or young people. Here we notice youngsters’ laughter when we go on the streets, it’s up-lifting.

We think it’s really important to have a mixed community.

Percy: Oh yeah I think it’s good to have a mix. Don’t want just a bunch of old folks.

Have you lived in an apartment before? What do you think of it?

Madlin: I didn’t look at this as apartments so much as a new home. When we moved I wanted it to be our new home.

Here we have the opportunity to mix with people. Percy had lost his drivers license. I may not always have a drivers license. I like to socialize. If I’m lucky enough I can enjoy a number of years socializing and interacting with different people, without having to leave home.